About Us

We at Printed Key Card Holders, are a proud UK-based printing company specialising in printing high-quality, custom and personalised key card holders.  

Our mission is to provide high-quality print solutions tailored for businesses and highly functional for individual uses.

We offer a wide range of printed key card holders, including:

You can choose from a wide spectrum of styles or formats, such as slit, wallet, sleeve, pocket or flap etc. Pick your ideal size in a card holder where you can print high-quality graphics on a single or double side. 

We understand the significance of visual branding, print advertising and personalisation for a business. 

Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons why you should consider us for high-quality custom key and  card holders

Premium Quality  

We use the finest, highest-quality, industry-standard materials with cutting-edge printing technology to achieve visually appealing products that are built to last. Our focus is on offering a cost-effective, highly functional, wear-and-tear-resistant solution. 


We not only use sustainable printing technology but also offer eco-friendly options with our printing customisation, including considering the use of recycled paper. We are also FSC certified, which means we track and ensure all the materials and products are sourced responsibly. 


We offer our customers a wide range of customised options depending on their preferences and requirements. This includes a tailored approach to product design and specification. 

Advance Printing Technology 

Our advanced printing technology allows us to deliver high-quality prints with vibrant designs efficiently and with faster turnaround times. 

Artwork, Proofing & Support 

Our team will assist you in having your artwork checked to give you full peace of mind before it goes into the printing process. We also offer artwork design services from our in-house design experts and support throughout the entire process. 

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