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7 Reasons Why Hotel Key Cards are Effective for Brands

If your hotel or hospitality chain still uses a traditional key system, you might want to consider switching to key cards instead. The reason is pretty simple – key cards can go a long way in building a strong brand impression. Making the switch would not only offer your guests a convenient experience but would also allow you to use your key cards and key card holders as powerful branding tools.

The effectiveness of hotel key cards is what led to their adoption even at many vintage-themed hotels. In case you are still on the fence about switching, let’s walk you through the many advantages of hotel key cards.

What Makes Hotel Key Cards a Game Changer?

 So, what exactly makes something as ordinary as key cards so effective for hospitality brands? For starters, products like key cards, key card holders, and receipt holders can greatly influence the way your guests view your brand. Here are seven key reasons why an increasing number of hospitality brands are switching to key cards.

1. Customisability

Custom hotel key card holders and personalised key designs are great for connecting with your guests and showing them that you care. One of the biggest perks of using key cards and card holders is that they offer plenty of room for personalisation – at a level that’s simply not viable with traditional keys. Businesses vying for the top spot in their guests’ hearts can move closer to the goal by using custom hotel key card holders with highly personalised touches.

Besides personalising key cards for individual guests, brands can also customise them for special events. Implementing elements from local art, culture and landmarks can help your hotel stand out too. The end line is that key cards make it much easier to stand out from the competition.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Although installing card-based locks might appear to be an expensive investment compared to traditional locks, the former is much more cost-effective in the long run. For instance, you’d no longer have to hire locksmiths to cut open locks in the event of lost keys. While this admittedly isn’t a very common problem since hotels usually have duplicate keys available, you’d still have to replace the lock altogether for safety reasons.

Additionally, you don’t need a master key to create new key cards. Magnetic stripe key cards can be re-encoded 5-8 times, whereas RFID cards can be used an unlimited number of times with new encoding. Similarly, hotel key card holder printing doesn’t cost a fortune either – yet another reason why printing custom card holders for each guest proves to be a viable strategy.

3. Enhanced Security

Ensuring that your guests feel safe at your establishment should always be a top priority. Not only does it influence their overall experience, but even a single security breach or risk can potentially earn your brand a bad name. This is where modern key cards come into play. You can deactivate a missing key card as soon as a guest reports it lost or stolen, thereby rendering it unusable. On the contrary, it can take much longer to replace locks with missing keys.

Moreover, traditional keys typically come marked with room numbers to prevent confusion. Not only do lost keys already pose a security issue if they fall into the wrong hands, but the finder would also know exactly which room it’s for. This isn’t a concern with unmarked key cards, making them harder to misuse. Specially designed key card holders, such as fold-type and pocket-type holders also improve security by allowing guests to store their key cards securely. All these factors contribute to a better experience for the guests.

4. Branding

As mentioned earlier, a key and card holder can be powerful branding tools for your hotel. All it takes is incorporating your brand’s colours, logo, typography and fonts into the design. This would help build a strong brand identity, bringing it to the forefront of your guests’ minds every time they look at the key or the card holder.

Consistent branding also promotes better brand recognition and recall. This, in turn, bolsters their loyalty towards your brand and can increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns down the road.

5. Convenience

It goes without saying that key cards are far more convenient to use than traditional keys. Their lightweight and sleek design makes them easy to carry, especially if the guests are provided with sleeve-type key card holders. They are also easy to use and can unlock rooms seamlessly, which makes them ideal for aged guests or those with physical disabilities.

Key card holder

6. Improved Sustainability

With consumers becoming increasingly-environment conscious and preferring brands that embrace sustainability, key cards can offer a surprising advantage. Using sustainably sourced materials for key card holders would show your guests that your brand cares about the advantage. Another trick to subtly promote your dedication towards sustainability is to print messages or visuals encouraging eco-friendliness on the key cards and card holders.

7. Multipurpose Functionality

Hotel key cards are far more versatile than traditional keys, offering much greater functional value. In addition to rooms, key cards can also be used to grant access to restricted areas in a hotel, such as the gym, computer lab or swimming pool. Not only is this convenient for guests and employees alike, but it also means they won’t have to carry around multiple keys – thus improving security.

Wrapping up

Key cards are evidently a huge upgrade over traditional lock-and-key systems. It’s no surprise that hotels are switching to this modern alternative, considering it offers an unbeatable blend of improved security, lower costs, sustainability, versatility and branding opportunities. Contact a reputable hotel key card holder printing company to adopt an effective and efficient branding strategy while improving guest experience.    

7 Reasons Why Hotel Key Cards are Effective for Brands
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