Colour Guide

We don’t believe in boring and dull-looking printing products. That’s why our key card holders are vibrant and colourful, with a primary focus on aesthetics.  Our sustainable printing technology focuses on high-contrast and sharp colour prints. 

Choosing the right colours is essential for creating a strong visual appeal and ever-lasting impression. This colour guide will help you choose the right colours for printed key card holders.

Colour Guide: Selecting The Right Colours 

Make sure you follow our colour guide to achieve the best results in terms of the visual appeal of the products and overall branding. 

  • Cater To Your Target Audience:  Choosing the right colours for your brand begins with figuring out who your target audience is. What sort of colours will appeal more to them? 
  • Understanding Colour Psychology:  Our colour guide also focus on psychology of colours. Colours have a distinctive feel and evoke a certain emotion. They have established associations where leveraging it will help you reach your brand message more effectively.
  • Must be Aligned With Your Brand Personality: The colours you choose must complement the visual branding aspect of your company. It should align with your brand tonality and voice.

We also offer artwork design services where our in-house design experts will walk you through the intricacies of choosing the right colours for your brand. 

When you choose your artwork or upload your custom one for your hotel key card holder printing, make sure to upload only accepted file formats

colours in print

Tips for Choosing Brand Colours  

  • Choose complementary colours that are opposite to each other to achieve a contrast, which is ideal for seeking attention.
  • Remember, less is more. Choose the fewest colours to create a powerful impact instead of crowding with too many.
  • Focus on selecting colours that complement each other to create a visually appealing and balanced combination. Use colour theory and colour psychology to pick colours for receipt holders

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