Fonts & Images

We understand that detail matters when it comes to creating visually striking key card holders that are also effective in communicating and clarifying information.

For that, you need to pay close attention to selecting the right fonts and images, which can elevate your design and make your brand stand out.

Using our artwork setup guide, you can choose your own font and artwork design to achieve custom hotel key card holders.

How Font Selection Helps In Branding?

The font you choose tells a lot about your company’s brand identity. It must align with your brand’s core messaging.

Convey Brand’s Identity

Fonts tend to reflect particular characteristics they inherit. Some fonts give a more traditional and trustworthy vibe, whereas others might seem a bit more friendly and vibrant. It all depends on what brand identity you want to reflect depending on your target audience.

Increase Readability

Fonts need to be clean, crisp, and clear so they are easy to read and understand. Failing to choose the right font for your print branding hinders communication and eventually frustrates potential customers. Make sure to check image size and resolutions for best readability.

Build Brand Consistency

To build brand consistency across various platforms and marketing practices, you need to choose one particular font family. This will help people associate a particular font with your brand and make it easier to recognise and remember.

Set Brand Personality & Tone

Font plays a significant role in setting the brand personality and tone, as the style and appearance of the font influence people’s perception of your brand. It all boils down to how you want your target audience to perceive your brand. We have plenty of versatile templates to demonstrate unique tonality and stylistic choices.

fonts and images

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