Image Size and Resolution

When you think of crisp, clear, and professional-looking prints for custom key card holders, getting the image size and resolution right is crucial! The visual appeal of your art largely depends on a few technicalities, like resolution and image size. Check out our recommendations to ensure that your receipt holders leave a lasting impact with stunning designs.

A Pixel-perfect Canvas with the Right Resolution

The resolution of an image refers to the number of pixels per inch (PPI) present in it. It’s advisable to achieve a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI) for high-quality prints. This ensures sharp and detailed images on your key and card holders.

Matching Intentions with Dimensions

As you prepare your art for printing on key card holders, make sure that they match the desired print size. For instance, if you want to print your key card design at 13cm x 9cm, prepare your image with a 300 PPI resolution at that exact size. With this combination, you will achieve optimal print quality without a loss of clarity or pixelation.

Considerations for Stock Images

In case you source images from the internet, the default resolution may be 72 PPI, which is not ideal to be printed without resizing. We recommend tools like Adobe Photoshop to adjust the size and resolution of these images before using them for hotel key card holder printing.

Your Smartphone Camera May Prove Handy

Modern mobile devices like iPhones boast exceptional photo quality, although they start at a 72 DPI rating. While the initial PPI may seem lower, you can resize these images while retaining the same degree of sharpness. Using this feature, you can print different types of key holders, including pocket, sleeve, simple or fold-type key holders with intricate details even at smaller dimensions.

Ideal Setup for Digital Images

Modern digital cameras, especially smartphones such as the iPhone, often save images in 72ppi. However, these images are significantly larger than their actual size. For example – A photo clicked with an iPhone might be 1.42m by 1.06m. While the initial ppi is lower, reducing the image size increases the pixel density, allowing for printing at smaller dimensions.

To What Extent Are You Able to Reduce Size?

Photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is a tool for determining the maximum print size of a digital image. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Navigate to “Image size” in the “Image” menu.
  3. Uncheck “Resample Image.”
  4. Change the “Resolution” to 300ppi.

As you adjust the resolution, you’ll see the maximum size at which your image can be printed without losing quality. For example, an iPhone photo can be printed at a maximum size of 34.14cm wide by 25.6cm high.

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Determining the Maximum Print Size

Adobe Photoshop offers a handy tool to determine the maximum print size of a digital image without losing quality. Adjust the resolution of your image to 300 PPI and then uncheck the ‘Resample Image’ option to obtain the maximum printable dimensions. Also, follow our file format guide to get crisp and sharp prints.

For large-format prints like banners or posters, images with lower resolution can be fine. You can use half or quarter-sized images for such prints to strike a balance between quality and size.

Design Custom Hotel Key Card Holders with Us

With these guidelines on image size and resolution, your hotel key card holders will be print-ready and visually appealing. If you need further assistance while preparing your image, feel free to consult our expert team. Call us at 020 8902 9298 or email us at with your query.

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