Proofing and Checking

At Printed Key Card Holders, we believe in the perfection of every detail as we design impeccable key card holders. Checking and proofing keeps unintentional errors at bay, ensuring stunning designs. Here’s how we meticulously check and proof the details of every product we offer.

Detecting Errors Early On

Since we trust in precision in practice, we assist clients detect flaws in the print early on. We offer our digital proofs in PDF format, which you can scrutinise to ensure the accuracy of text. As you witness your key and card holder design come to life, feel free to zoom in, examine and recommend changes.
We will tweak the design and text to help you achieve the perfect look and feel. Consider our proofing process to be a virtual workshop where you can control everything. From colour schemes to the accuracy of text, customise anything and everything!

Choose Colours for Hotel Key Card Holders that Pop

No need to worry about colour discrepancies in your key card holder. We have come up with an innovative colour calibration process to ensure that every shade in your artwork pops with brilliance! We fine-tune hues from vibrant logos to subtle gradients to make your brand identity stand out.
Before proceeding to the final printing process, get the colour schemes and branding elements customised to perfection.

proofing checking

Hard Copy Proofs for Real-world Assessment

In case your hotel key card holder calls for exceptional colour accuracy while printing, request us for a hard copy proof. This way, you can feel the texture on your palm for a realistic experience. This will give you a better idea of the print quality. Make sure that the resolution and print details meet your expectations before we begin production.

Expert Eyes, Expert Advice: Consultation and Feedback

We go beyond printing while crafting key card holders. With us, you can enhance your designs with brilliant ideas. If you have a design or colour scheme for your receipt holders in mind, share them with us. We will evaluate the design using premium software and recommend the needful to enhance the layout, typography and overall aesthetics.

Together, we’ll refine your key card holders to perfection.

Wet Proofing: The Gold Standard in Colour Fidelity

For projects where absolute colour fidelity is non-negotiable, we offer wet proofs. This is an advanced proofing method that involves printing a high-fidelity replica of your key card design on the exact material to be used in the final production. Rest assured, we’ll deliver custom hotel key card holders, exactly matching your expectations.

Embrace your Journey to Printing Key Cards with Excellence

Ready to make your key card holders perfect? From concept to creation, Printed Key Card Holders is your first choice. Contact us at 020 8902 9298 or visit to turn your key cards into powerful branding materials!

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