White Label Printing and Packaging Services

You want your orders to appear as if they were directly sent from the business itself. Our top-notch white-label packaging and delivery services are integrated entirely into our standard offering. When you choose our white-label service, it will help your brand increase its visibility and brand identity as well. With our versatile product range, you can choose a functional and quality item for promotion, advertising, and branding purposes.

We offer an economical and eco-friendly option because it reduces the shipping cost and also helps reduce carbon emissions.

Our white-label delivery is the perfect solution for:

  • Property Management Companies: Customised key card holders for enforcing your branding or advertising.
  • Marketing Agencies: Onboard clients with branded gifts and offers, including key card holders.
  • Events/ Seminars: Offering branded or promotional key card holders for the attendees in events or seminars


How Does Our White Label Delivery Work?

Here’s how our white-label delivery works:

Step 1: Tailoring Your Needs

You will work closely with our team, and we will offer you customised printing and branding options for your key and card holders. Our focus is on tailoring the visual branding and packaging to your brand identity and marketing strategy.

Step 2: Bulk Order & Productions

Once you finalise your designs and other specifications, such as artwork, bleed, colour, etc., you can order receipt holders in bulk. With our advanced printing technology and high-quality printing materials, we start production with the fastest turnaround time.

Step 3: Packaging Your Order

After production, we will package and label your order with the given brand’s logo and other branding materials to give a high-quality, premium-looking finishing to your custom hotel key card holders or other products.

Step 4: Delivering Your Order

Our team will be in touch with you and coordinating until the delivery of your key card holders to the given address. We ensure that products are safely shipped in the fastest turn around time possible.

If you wanted to know more about our process or want to get a quote on the white label delivery, feel free to contact us.

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