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Our wallet style key card holders are not just high-quality multi-functioning products but also a great tool for branding and marketing.

These key card holders are made of high-quality paper with best finishing giving it a much more premium look.

We craft our key card holders that are ideal size for fitting hotel room key cards without any struggle.

With blank spaces and customisation options, you can enforce your brand voice through these key card holders.


Here are some features of wallet style key card holder:

  • High-quality and durable materials used
  • Multiple compartments for maximised storage
  • Dedicated slots/compartments for separated storage
  • Money clip attached to carry cash or bills separately
  • Compact & Convenient to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Customisation available



One of the primary advantages of our wallet style key card holder is organisation of things like key cards, credit cards, debit cards, cash, bills etc in one place with proper placements and categorisation.

It has dedicated slots for each type of item where key cards, credit card and cash are separated from each other. This not just prevents damage but also helps the person easily find what they are looking for without even thinking.


We don’t just mastered functionality with our key holders but also focussed heavily on the design and style as well.

Our wallets are crafted from premium materials with different options to choose for unique styles and finishing.

We have a versatile range of templates for you to pick from depending upon your brand personality and use case.


Our wallet style key card holders are highly functional and focus on convenience of the user where they don’t need to carry wallets and keychains separately.

Also, these are highly accessible due to dedicated and strategically crafted and placed slots for different types of items.

With more organisation and minimising the need of multiple carriers, you just have one compact unit that helps in reducing clutter and elevate your day-to-day experience.

Target End Users

Our key holders aren’t just a marketing or advertising tool but also a high-end functional product useful and beneficial for the end users.

Here’s what type of end users can benefit from it:

  • Professionals:  Individuals from any industry seek convenience and organisation that value efficiency.
  • Travellers: Individuals prefer to travel with less and avoid carrying bulky wallets and keychains, all in one place getting out of hand to manage.
  • Minimalists:  Individuals prefer to have less items or objects to carry.

To learn more about our key holders, check our FAQs page, you’ll most likely get your answer.


Here are some applications of wallet style key cards:

  • Individual Usage: These wallet style key card holders can be of day-to-day use where it organises your keys, cards, cashes and bills at one place.
  • Merchandising:  For solopreneurs, businesses and content creators, they can create a merchandise of their own brand customising these key cards selling to their fan base or userbase.
  • Professional Gifting: For corporates and brands, they can distribute these custom wallet style key card holders for their employees with their branding on it.
  • Marketing: Across various events, seminars etc, distributing these with your subtle branding on it, you can use this as a print marketing or branding.


We offer customisation at an extensive level where you can tailor your wallet style key holders from its visual elements to its material.

Either you pick from design templates we offer or you upload your own custom design. Another option is to utilise our artwork design service where you will get work done from our in-house design experts.

You can choose a specific colour pallet, font style and copy of the printing. We also offer the option to select the lamination type for a distinct finishing look.

Interested to know more about customisation? Contact us for bulk custom orders.


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We offer various sizes of wallet style key card holders. Here are some of the commonly available sizes:

  • Style C6:  50 mm x 62 mm x 88 mm
  • Style A5:  80 mm x 110 mm
  • Style A6:  90 mm x 75 mm

We also offer custom sizes depending on your specific size requirement.


There are different types of  high-quality paper from which you can choose. We also use lamination for protection and durability and foils for adding design elements.

Here are some material types available:

Paper Type 

Gsm Available  

Uncoated paper

250-400 gsm

Gloss paper

200-400 gsm

Recyled Uncoated Paper

250-350 gsm

Kraft Paper

210-280 gsm

Silk paper

200-400 gsm


We use high-quality printing technology with vibrant colours, often using your custom designs to make your branding on point.  We also offer both single-sided and double-sided printing.

You can choose following options for your front print colour and reverse print colour as well:

  • Full Colour
  • Pantone
  • Black only
  • CMYK + Pantone (5 Colours)
  • CMYK + 2 Pantone (6 Colours)


We offer both front lamination and back lamination including different lamination  option for you to choose from:

  • No Lamination
  • Matt
  • Gloss
  • Silk
  • Soft Touch Matt
  • Anti-Scuff Matt

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