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At Printed Key Card Holder, we’re committed to eco-friendly practices. As an FSC-certified company specialising in printing key card holders, we source our materials responsibly. We pride ourselves on being a member of the World Land Trust and remain dedicated to preserving ecosystems globally. Our approach to carbon balancing offsets the emissions during paper production.

Saving Habitats through Responsible Practices

Partnering with us for printing receipt holders means supporting sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint. Working closely with WLT, we support initiatives to conserve natural wildlife and habitats. We also take ongoing education initiatives and stick to sustainable practices to promote a carbon-neutral commercial environment.

Balancing our Carbon Footprint through Carbon-neutral Initiatives

As a responsible hotel key card holder printing company, we have adopted an approach to offset the carbon footprint of paper production and distribution. Our approach involves planting new trees or conserving existing woodlands in collaboration with WLT. This carbon-balanced strategy ensures that an equivalent amount is captured in the UK woodlands for every tonne of CO2 emitted, as per the Woodland Carbon Code.

Join us in Our Green Initiative

We use eco-friendly inks and minimise waste during the production process. Our production process involves the use of only biodegradable or recyclable materials. Partner with Printed Key Card Holder for sustainable printing solutions that make a difference!

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